If you’re planning a college fundraiser, you might want to consider a few tips to make your event more effective and simple. The best way to do this is to utilize available resources from volunteer organizations and companies. Therefor, idea number one is to turn to the community.

Asking for help will help you fill your people power needs without breaking the bank. It’s always good manners to at least feed your volunteers. Help can also come in the form of donations from businesses who will support your cause. If you gather enough items, you could auction them off to bidders- everyone loves the excitement of a good auction.

Alternatively, you could make a door prize or hold a bingo game for prizes. Make the most of any help you can get and you will most the most of your event. Another college fundraising sites idea might be to offer debit cards to students. Banks pay a fee to your event for each person that signs up. This makes things simple because you can pass out applications and need not host an event at all. Which leads into our next category, which is to go online to streamline.

Consider an online partnership with one of the larger retailer websites. Each site has slightly different policies with regard to fund raising. Generally, a website is generated that lists items you choose for sale for your cause, or you can leave it open as to what items can be purchased for your college fundraiser. Sites also exist that will allow you to join many sites at once in the interest of raising funds. No merchandise for you to provide and no event to plan/ cater make this the easiest tip of all. In keeping with a modest budget, our final idea is to raid the dollar store.

Dollar stores can be treasure troves for anyone planning an event of any kind. At the very least, you can find inexpensive decorations. But if you let your mind wander a little bit- you might want to invite a creative friend along- you can find items you can use for grab bags, favors, or what have you. You may need to visit multiple dollar stores to find everything you need, but this is an easy and cost effective way of enhancing your college fundraiser. To recap, the ideas presented are:


  1. Turn to the Community
  2. Go Online to Streamline
  3. Raid the Dollar Store


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