Like all mental disorders, ADHD is also difficult to diagnose at times. However, with proper assessment and accurate judgment of the symptoms, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can indeed be identified. Unfortunately though, this is a time consuming process and there really is no ADHD test that can at once determine the presence of this serious disorder in a child, adolescent or adult. If you are looking for a way to determine whether you or your children are affected by the syndrome, read this article to discover various ADHD tests that have been designed for your assistance.

Myths about ADHD tests:

Before we begin, it is important to bust a few myths related to ADHD.

路 First of all, there is no test, bodily or psychological to determine adhd in a person. It can only be determined after thoroughly studying the patient’s social and emotional background.

路 Then, there is no specific therapist who can diagnose the disorder. A number of people, including doctors, mental health professionals, parents, teachers and peers have to work together and only then can the disorder be correctly diagnosed.

路 A person cannot be diagnosed with the disease immediately after the symptoms surface. The symptoms have to last for a minimum of 6 months before ADHD can even be considered as the problem.

How the ADHD tests work:

For the successful diagnosis of the disorder, a number of ADHD tests have to be carried out simultaneously.

路 Since the main symptoms of ADHD are hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattentiveness, therapists have to be careful to correctly identify them with the disorder. This is because, all three of the above mentioned indicators are naturally found in most children. As a result, the frequency, level and severity of the symptoms have to be closely studied and only then can they be correctly associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

路 If it is a child who needs to be tested for ADHD, they need to be taken to the pediatrician first. While some pediatricians can run the tests themselves, others refer the child to a qualified psychiatrist. The two doctors then exchange notes and quiz the people close to the child like the parents, teachers, friends, etc to determine the extent of the symptoms, the time since when they surfaced, etc.

路 The history of the child is thoroughly studied. In most cases ADHD is ruled out if the symptoms of ADHD in the child stem out of other emotional (death in the family, stress) or physical (learning disorders, hearing problems) reasons.

Therefore it can be clearly seen that finding and combining the accurate ADHD tests can go a long way in the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the disorder. With some very promising alternative medications available today, ADHD treatment is far more approachable than what it was a few years back. So get a proper diagnosis, choose a healthy mode of treatment and cruise through your struggle with the disorder.


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