Alternative medicine is a particularly loaded topic that can bring up all sorts of misinformation and misconceptions for prospective patients that have never experienced it, nor truly understand it. Fear of the unknown and unfounded bias in researching has lead to minor utilization of a litany of traditional Chinese medicines and holistic medical approaches. Especially in the case of acupuncture milton, this under-utilization is a huge mistake by the medical community in avoiding an effective, safe, and pain free treatment that is proven effective for pain relief, stress relief, and a list of other medical reasons.

Acupuncture treatment is a safe and effective form of alternative medicine that involves the insertion of extremely fine surgical needles into the patient at specific points. These needles are intended to stimulate the flow of Qi and facilitate the healthy body functions of an individual. While the idea of surgical needles and punctures can make some patients uneasy, the truth is that acupuncture in Milton is completely painless and barely noticeably.

The under-representation of acupuncture in Western Medical canon is due to lacking research and relatively new practice. While acupuncture has been practiced in the East for thousands of years, it is relatively new to the world of Western medicine. Legal acupuncture treatment practices didn’t come to the United States until the 1970s, and even since there has been relatively few serious studies. Most attempts have been simply too small in scope, or just meta-analysis of flawed studies already committed. However, recently an ambitious study has broken the mold of acupuncture research in the West.

In a comprehensive study spanning half a decade and 18,000 patients, Dr. Andrew Vickers and a team of researchers found clear evidence that patients treated with acupuncture effectively received pain relief and management for a number of issues, especially the chronic pain that comes with arthritis. Using a variety of sham treatments (superficial acupuncture treatment) and real treatments, they found that half of the patients experiencing real acupuncture reported noticeable improvements, compared to far fewer patients who reported improvements without real treatments, proving the real effect of acupuncture treatment in facilitating healthy body function and pain relief rather than placebo effect.

Acupuncture treatment carries a few other positive aspects besides effectiveness. One of the most effective, yet controversial aspects of American medicine is pharmacology. The utilization of drugs and substances in Western medicine is often highly effective; however, it sometimes can leave more problems than it began with. Western drug prescribing practices, especially with the narcotics involved in pain relief and management can leave behind nasty side effects and even addiction for the patient. Acupuncture treatment is not only absolutely painless, it contributes to overall wellness and carries zero ill side effects, rebuilding health from the inside out. Holistic medicine improves all aspects of health painlessly, rather than dulling a symptom as in Western pharmacology.

Acupuncture treatment for pain relief is an effective way to handle injury or arthritic pain when Western methods have failed. Contact a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, or holistic and alternative medicine to see what acupuncture treatments can manage pain and treat other illnesses and maladies.


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