Over the past 50 years we have watched the advances in computer technology. As the components get smaller and operate on more subtle levels of matter, we see the power and speed increase.

There is a message here for our own human intelligence.

It is time we realized where the power is within the human mind. – Is it in the physical brain? Is it in the consciousness?

The power comes into the human mind when we integrate the human experience on all levels and in all aspects of what it is to be a human being.

Awareness and self-knowledge are the keys – awareness that Conscious Communication is much more than our brain: the brain is just the computer of the body.

What creates the difference is, to become aware of the example of the computer and the refinement of technology. We are becoming aware that we can think on finer and finer levels of our existence just like the computer.

Human consciousness is becoming multi-dimensional, multi-layered and multi-facetted.

As our awareness integrates we start to combine our mind, emotions and feelings into a seamless flow of consciousness, which is integrated with our environment in both time and space.

Just as the components of the computer are continuously being miniaturized and taken to ever-finer levels of existence, now human consciousness is refining its operation on many levels of existence simultaneously.

We no longer rely solely on the brain. We operate on all levels of existence through the cells, not just electrically through the nerves, or chemically.

Consciousness has moved down the layers through the molecules and atoms of our body: all are taking an active part in human awareness.

We are now learning to transcend our human body altogether and think consciously in our spiritual, non-physical energy.

We know that below the level of the atoms our consciousness changes from physical to non-physical as the small subatomic particles turn from solid to wave or from physical into light.

We are aware of our consciousness communicating with the underlying field of space – or vacuum – that is filled with the “dark matter” that underlies physical existence. Human awareness is passing through the light into the spiritual realms and into the primordial soup of dark matter.

It is human consciousness that is waking up this universal oneness, as we each breathe our awareness into these finer and finer levels of being.

We start by feeling empty inside, like a void, as we breathe our awareness into these subtle areas of consciousness. The dark matter starts to come to life and glow within its Self. We become super-radiant beings of light and the Universal Mind flows through us.

Human consciousness is coming home as it joins back with the Universal Mind that underlies physical existence in the spiritual, non-physical layers of creation.

Many people are starting to have out-of-body experiences as their awareness comes home to their Higher Self. They realize they are one with the whole universe and can astral travel to any part they choose.

As more and more of us wake up to our universal nature, so the universe wakes up to us. The dark matter which science has known about for years is starting to glow and radiate unity.

We are beginning to see the futility of wars, and religious and racial conflicts, as we realize we are all part of the same one field of life. As this life glows and becomes charged with its own awareness, the whole universe is becoming synchronized and co-ordinated from within.

Naturally we stop ripping each other off, as we realize we are only hurting ourselves. The need for money as a medium of exchange is naturally disappearing. People are giving to each other and sharing all their abundance, and abundance is being experienced by all.

Description: What is this book going to do for YOU? For those who are seeking a complete energetic makeover, as you read it you will feel a stirring and awakening in the depths of your heart. For those who have questions about Shifts in Consciousness, Energy Balancing and Healing within the body, you will find clear answers.


By Olivia

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