The saltbox roof shed design is basically an asymmetrical triangle as far as its general shape goes. One side is long sloping and also the least sloping of the two sides. The other side of the roof is shorter in length and the steeper of the two side. A house using this roof design is on story in the back and two stories in the front of the house.

This type of roof architecture began in colonial New England when the British still ruled this part of the America’s. Because two story buildings were taxed heavier than one story buildings, by the English powers that be, the subjects of New England started to build this style of house to bypass the extra tax. This style was also popular because of its simplistic design.

Of course this type of roof can be used in the construction of a backyard two story sheds. It is a stylish design which sticks out from surrounding structures. However the construction of this type roof is more complicated than several other roof designs that could be used in the construction of your shed. The shape of the roof also means that the long sloping side will yield a smaller storage area then other types of shed designs,

This type of roof is ideal for regions that receive an abundance of rain and snow. The shape of the roof allows for adequate run off of snow and ice. The roof can also be safely accessed with a shovel to clear off accumulations of snow and ice.


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