If you’ve never been bear hunting before or you’re an avid bear hunter you must be able to identify different species of bears. It’s common to have mixed populations of bear species where it’s legal to hunt certain bears, while it’s illegal to hunt another. The most common mistake is made between the black and grizzly bear. which bear is the most dangerousΒ This article is going to help you understand the characteristics of both species so you can identify them easily in the wild.

The Black Bear

The first obviously trait of this species is its short claws. They also have a very straight face like profile. They have a very dark black color, however younger black bears may have a brown ring around there neck; this is visible up to 3 years of age. They also have tall pointed ears and no shoulder hump in their body profile.

The Grizzly Bear

Unlike their black counterpart they have long claws due to their different foraging nature. They tend to be a light brown or dark brown color. The face profile is more of a dish shaped and longer than a black bear. They have short rounded ears and humped shoulders in their body profile.

As you can see there are very big characteristics between the two species. However, hunters still every year harvest the wrong species when bear hunting and face severe penalties and fines; along with possible revocation of hunting privileges in that state. Make sure you know what you’re looking for next time you go out to hunt. If you’d like to learn more in general then please follow the links below.

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