A professional magic show is a great addition to any children’s birthday party. Kids of all ages love magic. It’s interactive, fun and interesting to watch. Plus, a good magic show offers lots of audience participation. That means the birthday child and his or her friends get to take part in helping the magician perform. The children have an active role in “making the magic happen,” which really captures their imagination and interest.

Finding a great children’s magician takes a bit of effort. Children’s audiences have special demands. Kids have much more energy and a much shorter attention span than adult audiences do. A gifted kid show magician can help channel the children’s energy and keep their attention by offering a fast-paced show with lots of variety.

Ask your friends and family to recommend a good children’s entertainer or contact an established professional. You want to hire a magician with a proven track record of providing outstanding entertainment for children’s parties. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Any good entertainer will have plenty of happy clients you can call.

When deciding on a Remote Magician, don’t go by price alone. If one entertainer is willing to work at half the price of others, it often means the low-priced magician has very few bookings. That should be a warning sign. You want to hire a magician who is in big demand because that means the public likes that performer. You can give your child a great magic show or a cheap magic show, but you can’t do both.

Make the most of the magic show by setting up the party right. When possible, have a separate area just for the show. This will let the magician set up in private and by moving the kids from the party area to the show area they’ll be in a more receptive state of mind to enjoy the performance. An area separate from the party will be quieter, which is important if you want the children to watch without distractions.

Have the show start after the children have had at least 30 minutes to settle in to the party. If you are going to serve food, do so before or after the show, but never during. It’s way too disruptive. Keep the sugar and caffeine levels on the low side.

You’ll need adequate adult supervision at all times during the party, including during the magic show. The party entertainer is not a babysitter or disciplinarian. Very young children should not be allowed to wander around the performance area as they may knock over props, hurt themselves and damage valuable equipment.

Consider magic themed party invitations, accessories and decorations to build anticipation for the show. Once the magic show starts, you can sit back and relax. The kids will be amazed and amused and you might be astonished too.

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