Trash management is a challenge when you do not have the equipment to deal with the tons of waste that is inevitable in every home. A trash compactor plays such a huge role in waste management that it really is mandatory equipment for any clean kitchen. With their experience of nearly forty years making waste compactors, Broan can be trusted to provide the compactor that will perform to your satisfaction.

Broan makes both automatic and manual compactors. In the Broan Elite XE Automatic trash compactor series, you have a choice of six compactors. The 15XEBL Automatic commercial trash compactors service is a powerful appliance that handles up to 1.55 cubic feet of all manner of trash – it can handle almost anything you wish to dispose off in your kitchen except hazardous and flammable material such as aerosol cans and paint. It is powered by a ΒΎ horsepower motor that compacts trash in a 6:1 ratio. This compactor can hold up to thirty pounds of trash at a time. With this compactor installed in the kitchen, you expect no unpleasant odors as it is created to automatically neutralize them. Compactors in this series come with black doors.

To allow customization, Broan has the 15″ automatic compactors in five other different door colors. The 15XESS trash compactor has similar features as the compactor described above but comes with a stainless steel door. If you fancy a Flat Wood Trim Door Pan, you could go for the equally powerful 15XEWT.

The great features of the automatic compactors are replicated in the manual compactors except for the automatic odor control system. Trash compactors from Broan are elegantly made and, with such a wide range to choose from, allow for great customization. These wonderful products are available at huge discounts to customers who have Broan discount coupons which you can get online.


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