This coming weekend will witness more than 100,000 runners participating in one of the world’s greatest races, the New York City Marathon. While elite athletes compete for world records and prize money it is estimated that the overall average running time of this event will be 4.75 hours. Most Americans will not run that amount of time or distance in a full calendar year yet they can still burn an equivalent amount of calories in as little as two to three days using a device currently gaining traction in offices and homes across America: a treadmill desk.

Treadmill desks have gained notoriety in the past year, however their cost has been a barrier for most workers, ranging in price. A more economical solution for professionals who want to trade in the office chair and enhance their health is available however in March.

A 160 lb. marathon runner will burn approximately 3,400 calories completing the NYC marathon in the average time. An employee using a treadmill desk eight hours daily could ย  the calorie burning equivalent of a a NYC Marathon (without breaking a sweat), in just two work days. It’s a little like the Tortoise and Hare analogy here but it illustrates the effectiveness and power of daily walking. Most of us do not have the time to walk eight hours after work let alone train for a marathon but walking while working offers tremendous benefits in very short periods of time.

Treadmill desks offer significant health benefits whether utilized all day or for just a few hours. The Surgeon General recommends a minimum of 10,000 steps a day for optimum health which can easily be achieved in just 3 hours with a treadmill desk.

So, for the 305 million Americans that will not be running the NYC marathon this weekend, relax. Save your joints and consider a slower but realistically effective approach to health for the rest of us: a treadmill desk.



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