Heather Moore is a mother, designer, and jewelry lover. She wears many titles, and each one combines to feed an imagination filled to the brim with beautiful, shiny, delightful, classy, understated, and brilliant ideas for unique pieces of customizable jewelry.

According to the wholesale custom jewelry manufacturer site, “The quality of our charms is apparent at first sight. Each name, date and symbol is hand stamped with vintage, turn of the century tools that we mill in our own shop. Every one of these stamps is specifically designed for the Heather Moore collection, so you will have a great selection of classic designs. The variation in the hammered letters gives an unmistakably unique style to each piece. Each item is handmade to your specifications. By using our templates, your interaction is essential because we are turning the design table to you. Think of it as collaboration with the designer!

Straight from the mouths of pure brilliance! To own your own piece of designer jewelry you can create your own custom piece. That means that you choose the jewelry piece, the charms or accessories, the precious metals, the gems, the size, the shape, the carat, and the engraving. Everything is yours to design and create into your own personal masterpiece.

Ms. Moore’s custom necklaces come in silver, gold, or a perfect combination of both. You can choose from plain pendants and medallions, to pendants and medallions tastefully encrusted with diamonds. One of the most unique pieces of Ms. Moore’s designs is her incorporation of small and delightfully detailed keys.

Heather Moore custom bracelets come in bangles, cuffs, open cuffs, leather straps, and open circle bracelets. You can also choose from Ms. Moore’s signature Charm “ing” Bracelets and the charms that are carefully and lovingly designed to complement you and your tastes.

Making your own custom designed jewelry isn’t just about creating something you’ll love; it’s also about giving someone a gift that was crafted just for them. Heather Moore custom jewelry is the perfect one of a kind gift for new mothers, bridesmaids, graduates, and the most unique gift you can give for the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and for any moment that needs a little inspiration.


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