There are thousands upon thousands of other eBooks that are on the market right now. Along with the expansive number of eBooks out there, there are also a huge number of eBook services that will provide assistance in getting your eBook to market. Of course, the first order of business is that your eBook is well written and interesting to the reader. If that is not the case, you will be wasting both time and money.

There are several issues to be considered when it comes to writing and subsequently publishing your eBook.

What is the purpose of your eBook?

The determined purpose of your eBook will help you when it comes to choosing which eBook service is the most appropriate one for you. You need to understand which market your eBook should target as well as which demographic you should choose. As you go through the process of considering the various eBook services, an important thing to find out is if the eBook services that you are considering have experience with eBooks in that particular niche market. If they do have that experience, they will be able to help you to market your eBook more effectively.

What to look for in an eBook service

  • Digital rights management: Techniques that don’t allow the user circumvention can potentially block the user from doing certain things with his or her eBook. For example, it may be impossible to pass ownership from one person to another person, although it is done all of the time with hardcopy books. There are available devices that are able to use the readers’ home phone to track what and how much they are reading, limit printing, and even alter reading material. This actually limits the rights of the general public when it comes to distribution, sales and use of public domain material.
  • Production: Sometimes, eBooks are printed at the same time as the hardcopy book. Many eBooks are produced from hardcopy books that are already in print. It is common to produce an eBook by scanning the original hardcopy book; sometimes the eBook is created by using a robotic book scanner, which is a device that quickly scans books without damaging the original print edition. Once a book is scanned, a set of image files is produced. Those files may also be converted into text format. Occasionally, a book may be produced by manually keying in the text. It is not unusual nowadays for only the eBook to exist. In that case, if there is a desire for a print version of the book, it can be produced. However, those hardcopy books will usually be printed on demand.
  • Options for selling eBooks: In order to sell your eBook properly, you need to understand all of your options. You need to understand the different payment methods, delivery systems, and seller platforms that are available. You also need to offer your customers as many options as possible.
  • Delivery systems for selling eBooks: You also need to think about the possible delivery methods available once you have sold your eBook. The more automated the delivery process, the better for everyone involved. There are are many delivery method options available: via email as an attached file, although the drawback to this is that it is a method that requires a lot of human intervention. As the seller, you need to keep very careful track of payments and assurance that the eBook is sent to the correct buyer. If you don’t keep track of that, you run the risk of not receiving payments or the book not reaching the right person. The outcome is not good in either case: lost revenue or an unsatisfied customer. Another delivery option is to have your eBooks hosted on an online platform that will automatically deliver your eBook to the buyer after the payment is received.
  • Getting paid: To ensure a successful transaction (and one that allows you to get paid in a timely manner), you should choose the payment options that are the simplest, most convenient, and the quickest. At the same time, enough security should be provided to both the buyers and the sellers. You should offer as many options to the buyer as possible. Remember that the easier you make it for your customers to pay, the more books you will be likely to sell. You should offer an electronic payment method in addition to others. An easy way to accomplish that is to have a merchant account, an online credit card and a bank payment facility. Please understand, however, that this option can be costly and time consuming for you, as the seller to operate and maintain. Additionally, the buyers may not find it secure enough. Another option is an online payment processing companies such as PayPal and Google Checkout. Both are low-cost services that allow buyers to make electronic payments directly from bank accounts and credit cards in a secure fashion.

First Impressions of the eBook service

Your first impression of the eBook service is the one that you should generally go with. It is important to judge the service on its level of professionalism as well as its integrity. Depending on the size of the eBook that you want to have written, you will most likely be having a great deal of back and forth interaction with the service. After all, the ideas are yours and you will have hired the service to turn your ideas into reality. A good way to determine if a particular service is right for you and your eBook mystic books is in their response to your enquiry about their services. If the response is either grammatically incorrect or rude, that should be the end of that. If that is the case, it is a wonder that they are in business at all.

There are several good eBook writing services that you should consider when you are at the point of reaching out. eBook services provide a variety of offerings, including writing, editing, formatting, eBook conversion, etc.

  • AH Professional Writing Service: This is a writing service that has a great deal of experience writing in a variety of different industries. The company does extensive research before any of the writing begins.
  • This company sells downloadable electronic items, such as eBooks, digital art, articles, manuals, forms, and much more. They have an automated service that delivers the products to your customers as soon as payment has been received. They use PayPal and Google Checkout as payment methods.
  • Thiscompany helps you to distribute your eBook. They offer an eBook wizard, which enables you to create an eBook with three simple steps. First, you upload your file. Next you choose among several eBook options. Finally, you publish and sell your eBook.
  • This is an eBook conversion service provider company. The company will convert your eBook from pdf, word document, hardcopy paperback, or any text format to eBook format, such as mobipocket and Microsoft Reader.
  • Blue Bird writing services: This company offers a large number of services, including eBooks, blog writing, article writing, web content writing, press releases, legal documents, journals, research papers, SEO copywriting, promotional marketing collateral, dissertations, and more.
  • This is a writing service that takes your ideas and turns them into a reality in the form of a book. They write everything from technical books, such as medical information, to novels. The writers do extensive research in order to do the most perfect writing job.
  • Submitinme: This is an eBook distribution service. The company will distribute your eBook manually to the 25 top eBook websites where the most Web visitors go.


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