Driving down the highway, I remember my mom typing on a laptop connected to a power inverter (connected to a cigarette lighter). Her dad would have told her to put her computer away and enjoy her trip. But that was what she did. always worked She was the mother. She jokes that these days she’s the kind of person who needs to plug in anywhere without running out of batteries, and her husband lets her enjoy the trip.

DC-AC power inversion generally works in the following way. A power inverter 24-v-to-230-v-converters power (usually the 12V type from a cigarette plug in a car, etc.) into an A/C equal to the power available through a standard ground. An electrical plug was found in the house. This means you can hook up your computer, or TV if you use more than one in your car, and if you’re going camping or picnics, you can hook up a small fridge to keep your food and drinks cold. We often take a portable ice maker with us on picnics and the ice never runs out.

A power inverter is a very convenient piece of equipment. Every car has one because you never know when to hook up something that can only use a house currently.

At one time we sold construction software. With a computer loaded into the back seat of a company van and an inverter plugged in, he drove to a construction site without electricity and demonstrated the value of labor cost software right there on site. We sold more power inverters than construction software (but the software was very expensive!). There are now many packages that can help you run a project-based business. There weren’t that many at the time.

Anyway, what you need to know about DC to AC power inverters is that being able to use them in your car is convenient. You never know when you’ll need AC current. Oh, and almost everything. This allows you to run other types of equipment on the 12-volt power supply that is standard for cars. There are many different models available that provide the higher wattage required for some appliances you may want to use, such as TVs that are not factory installed in your car.

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