A CNC laser machine is primarily used for cutting metal sheets. It can be used for cutting sheets made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel, titanium and several other metals and metal alloys. This machine is most commonly used for making prototypes made using metals. In other words, a CNC laser machine is mostly used for completing projects that involve use of thicker metals and have limited productions.

A CNC or computer numerically controlled Laser Cutter Brand machine is the favorite of most manufacturers for a number of reasons. It can be set up quickly, and the engineering time required by it is also pretty low. What’s more fascinating is that to set this device up, you will not need to carry out hard tooling of any kind.

If you are using this particular technology, you can expect to begin productions of newly received orders the very day those orders are placed. This is possible only because setting up the device doesn’t require much time or effort. In short, if you are running a business that guarantees delivery of metal structures within a specific period of time using a CNC laser machine would surely be beneficial for you.

This equipment has made making multiple cuts on a single metal sheet easier than ever before. It comes with ties that will compactly hold all the pieces of the material together. The machine, on the other hand, will keep on performing the job assigned to it and eventually complete the cutting process impeccably.

The person running the equipment will need to shake the sheet for separating the smaller parts from each other. If shaking the sheet is not enough, you can also use a rubber mallet for knocking the parts and allowing them to separate from each other easily. Due to the shaking involved in the process, often people associated with manufacturing industries refer to the parts created by a CNC laser machine as shaker parts.

The machine performs its job using carbon dioxide. CO2 in combination with the machine’s high voltage system successfully excites the gaseous substances and results in formation of a light of single wavelength. An inbuilt optic system directs this light towards the metal sheet. Before the light is projected in the sheet, its diameter is reduced significantly. This makes the beam narrow enough for being used for cutting metals.

To keep the parts clean and precise, the vaporized metal gets blown away by a protecting gas. Usually an oxygen or nitrogen mixture is used for this purpose.


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