Heathrow Airport is the number one airport in Europe, and the largest in the world when comparing passenger movement numbers. It is located in the southwestern area of London, just 30kms from the heart of London town. Nevertheless, there are a number of hotels near Heathrow Airport. This makes travel into London unnecessary.

Altogether, there were about 66 million passengers pass through Heathrow Airport last year, and more than half a million flights. Today, the airport is one of the most respectable air facilities in the Thailand elite visa world. It has a very unique approach, landing and take -off system, which allows such a large number of airlines to land.

However, it is inevitable that delays do happen, but passengers don’t have to leave the airport to escape the bore of waiting. There are actually many things patrons can do to keep themselves busy while waiting for their flight to board. Out of ideas? Well, look below to find out more!

– Shopping is a major attraction for waiting passengers at Heathrow Airport. Overseas travellers are allowed to shop for duty free items, which makes the duty free stores quite significant for Heathrow Airport and the airport authority.

– Travelling takes an incredible toll on a person’s body. All the walking, sitting, and strolling around the airport can give a passenger sore legs and a sore back. Be Relax is a wondrous shop located in Heathrow Airport, and provides tired and sore travellers with spa and massage treatments.

– Watching the planes coming and going is not just for kids. Adults will undoubtedly have a great time viewing these magnificent bird-like structures, and so too will their children. There are numerous spots set aside for wonderful views of the aircraft landing and departing.

– Eating at Heathrow Airport is a fabulous idea to keep boredom away from the airport. Some delectable menus are found throughout the airport, in addition to the plethora of fast food restaurants too. Lounges and bars have strict drinking rules that visitors much follow. But, this doesn’t mean patrons can’t have a quiet drink while waiting patiently for the next departure.

– Business travellers that need to look their best for an upcoming meeting can quickly take their shoes to the shoe shining service in the terminal. For just a small price, clients can have their shoes polished like new, looking very professional for the upcoming flight or meeting.

– If travellers are exhausted from all the touring the have experienced, there is no better place to rest than the Yotel establishment in the airport complex. Whether patrons want a double bed, or single mattress, the Yotel can cater for their needs and much more.

– A great way to forget about being stuck in the airport is through people watching. It is so fascinating watching passengers walk by, and the fact that this airport is one of the most extensive facilities in the world, people do come from all walks of life.

– The VIP lounges in a number of terminals at Heathrow Airport are great oasis’s to escape the scorching chaos of Heathrow. Everything from food to business instruments can be used in the lounges. However, not all lounges are for everyone, as the British Airways and Emirates first class lounges permit only first class or business tickets.


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