Make no mistake about it. This interior design software definitely packs a punch. On the cutting board for today’s software review is Interior Design Suite, developed by renowned computing company Punch! software. With this program, you can easily do interior design remodeling, including space planning, basement design, bedroom decorating, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

punch! The Interior Design Suite offers many fun and user-friendly features, such as a cabinet wizard that allows users to own stylish storage spaces. Here are a few other things you can expect from this handy interior design program.

full of features

In addition to the Cabinet Wizard features already mentioned, there are many more in store for those who choose to get their hands on a punch! Interior Design Suite. First of all, there is a room wizard that allows users to design outstanding room layouts. The trim designer lets you create baseboards and moldings, and the window designer is a great way to choose the best windows for each room.

There is also a Fireplace Wizard and Decorator Theme Palette, a nice feature that will definitely contribute to the stunning overall design. Other features include Crop Wizard, Roof Install Wizard, Plant Editor, PhotoView Editor, Material Workshop, Layout Manager, Frame Editor, Door Designer, Handy Estimator, and more.

Other impressive inclusions

But not all of the punches! Interior Design Suite. Users will also be pleased to know that the kit’s extensive library of programs includes thousands of different materials and objects. Besides providing great interior design tools, it also has interior shadow and light simulation features that give users an idea of the type of lighting each room in the home needs.

Once everything is in place, there is also an option to take a virtual tour of the newly designed house using the 3D Tour feature included in the application.

New users needn’t worry as there are a number of video tutorials in addition to the comprehensive instruction manual included in the box kit.

system requirements

As for the system requirements of this program, a Xeon, Celeron or Pentium processing unit is sufficient. It is also compatible with Windows 98 and all other operating systems that came after that Microsoft OS. It also requires about 3.25 GB of disk space and 64 MB of memory. Regarding graphics requirements, users will need at least 32 GB of video card memory and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels at 16 bits.

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