1. Locate work at home job listings. There are many places where you can find job listings for work at home job opportunities. You will need a steady supply of different work-from-home listings to be able to get a legitimate one.

2. Research the job listing to the best of your abilities. To make sure that it is a Join Avon work-at-home job, you will have to do some research. Google the company and the owner’s name to see what types of things have been posted about them. Go to work-at-home forums and ask if anyone has any experience with them.

3. Trust your gut feelings on any job listing. If the job sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

4. Apply to every job listing that passes the research step. To get a legitimate work at home job you will have to apply to a lot of jobs. There are many people competing for a few job openings. Make sure your resume is polished and use it to apply to all jobs.

5. Head to one of the many work-at-home forums that are online. One of the most popular sites is wahm.com. This site is a good starting place to find great information on legitimate work at home jobs. The web site will also have job openings listed under the telecommute folder.

6. Search Craig’s list for legitimate work at home jobs. This will take a lot more work to use. There are a lot of scams on Craig’s list. Email the ad to get more information about the job listing before sending any personal information. This will give you information so that you can see if the company is legitimate.


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