If you are seriously engaged in tailoring a CSS template to fit your customer’s ever-changing requirements, getting blamed for the stupid browser incompatibilities, and alarmed by the emerging new “Build your website tonight” tools, then let me ask you a question right now.

How tiring is it for you to focus on work when the constant flow of customers is as hard to find as a Pebble in the Desert?

How are you charming your customers when designers from opposite sides of the rotating globe blind them with low bargains? All they need is an Internet Connection, an Email Id, and Hopper Code access to Freelance sites in this Information Age.

I agree your job security is in really weak shape. Do most designers plan to offer a very low bargain for their devoted sleepless nights of work to beat the competition? You do not have to do it and have to spend extra sleepless nights to make up for the discount.

Then how would you like to handle this? Some Well Informed Men in Web Business is taking the help of some strange secrets and they keep getting projects like a piece of cake.

Unless I have completely cleared the mystery behind, I suggest you do not test the below-hidden secrets. Keep an open mind, read and feel them.

What are the two hidden secrets only a Few Well-Informed-Men know?

1. They believe Customers are like geese with golden eggs.Β The longer your customers stay, the larger their will be the returns. Falling for the low-bargain technique is like cutting a goose. There won’t be any more golden eggs. The long-term relationship brings golden eggs to your home each day.

2. Billions are spent on advertising in search engines, radio, television, and banners. Your customers may not notice any of them. When your potential customer hears about your service from his friend, colleague, or neighbor, he surely will be spellbound.Β And he turns into a loyal customer and the chain continues.

Well-Informed-Men have awakened this simple and electrifying technique that keeps sucking in the best of opportunities available in web designing. Some budding businesses have succeeded on word of mouth alone while many scream at heavy advertising costs. Repeat Customers and growing Referrals are two glowing eyes of their expanding business, financial freedom, vacations, and job security.

How many projects do you need to have to enjoy a calm vacation this year’s end, buy the latest software this month, watch a favorite game this weekend, and a sound sleep tonight.

Would you like to virtually step into the safe shoes of Well-Informed-Men? Take this short survival tour.

The blossoming relationship between a Well Informed Designer and new customer closely follows the father-son relationship. You are the only one the customer trusts. He is longing for your magic code in every stepping stone of his web business.

Just see yourself as the Well Informed Man in Web Business, every customer’s pride to work with. When the customers surround you like the humming bees on a rose, do not ever forget to do this.

Make a wide door for your house. Your customer is coming with his business colleagues and friends. He puts the hard-to-reach referrals at your doorstep and he is proud of doing business with you.

Have an assistant to pick up calls and a big heart to say “Thank You”. Your customers and their friends are talking about you in the chamber of commerce meetings, business seminars, and informal parties. Those who hear about you from their dearest companions are going to call you anytime to start a business relationship.

Every customer is like a goose with golden eggs – the referrals and repeat customers. The longer your customer stays with you, the larger your bank account you will need to put all the passive and referral income into. Do not forget to have an accountant.

How did all this happen in this revolutionary world where some of us wait for projects to come? The answer appears to those who seek to become the Stop Solution.

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How do Well-Informed-Men collect the golden eggs?

The Well-Informed-Men have built their fully secured life effortlessly over the years.

They know the difference between One-Time-Sale and One-Stop-Solution.

They know the difference between one-time trade and long-lasting relationship. They do not stop with single-time coding of their customer’s web site. They expand their service by providing the following.

1. Host the Website thereby bringing life to the lines of code they write.

2. Bring SSL certificates into the picture and secure the web transactions.

3. Provide traffic-generating tools to bring in visitors to the site they designed.

These men provide the perfect 24 hours a day 365 days a year hosting service to their customers. The Customers forget the one-time designs and remember the 24 hr caring service they get. Next time the customer has a project, you probably know by now, whose name is going to pop up first.

In one word, “Hosting is the perfect bait to get repeat customers and referrals”. It’s like the Costco one-year membership card that brings customers again and again. Start to build a permanent relationship your competitors long for.

What Safe Steps would bring golden eggs to your doorstep?

Taking a happy vacation, watching your favorite game for hours, and enjoying the extra sleep on a weekend is no longer a threat to making real money. The passive income from hosting finds your bank account, no matter what you do.

Want to follow what well-informed men do?

1. Search in Google for Reseller Packages.

2. Find the best fit for you and secure your customers.

3. Expand yourself as a One-Stop-Solution and stop losing one more second waiting for Projects

Grow Bigger Than The Internet.

By Olivia

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