Getting ready for the dramatic transformation of a Lap-Band surgery can be difficult. Although your gastroenterologist surgeons will provide you with advice, many don’t touch on some of the deeper emotional impacts the procedure will have on you and your family and friends. Read this review of the main steps to take in order to have the most positive experience and fastest recovery possible.

Step One: The Emotional Side

A typical Lap-Band surgery patient has been overweight for years, and possibly even for his or her entire life. Suddenly facing real and permanent weight loss can be a difficult thing, and may cause very deep emotional issues related to food to come to the surface. It is often easier to start dealing with these issues before one ever sets foot in the hospital for Lap-Band surgery because it will be one less thing to focus on once the procedure is over.

Although many patients successfully prepare for the emotional impact of the Lap-Band surgery, gastroenterologist surgeons also see many patients who aren’t quite expecting the changes that permanent weight loss brings to their life. It is best to think ahead, attempting to understand all of these changes before one actually faces them. Even if one can only get a basic understanding of them, it will be much easier to handle them when they actually come to pass if aware of what they will be.

Step Two: Physical Preparation for Lap-Band Surgery

When considering what physical steps to take, always remember that the team of gastroenterologist surgeons has the final say in all individual cases. There are some general guidelines which can be helpful, but it is ultimately at the discretion of the surgical team. Everyone’s body is different, and if a patient has certain medical conditions or physical issues, it may be best to be completely inactive right before Lap-Band surgery.

But in general, most people can benefit from very light exercise starting before their procedure. Gastroenterologist surgeons will often recommend light walking and stretching to patients as a way to prepare their bodies for surgery. However, it is important not to stress the body during this process – surgery itself is a big stress, and candidates for Lap-Band can very easily push their bodies too hard.

Beyond physical activity, follow your doctor’s instructions. The gastroenterologist surgeons will provide a specific diet plan for the weeks and days leading up to the surgery, ensuring that the body is ready for the changes it is about to undergo. Following this plan is absolutely imperative, and deviating from it could influence the results of the entire procedure.


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