The term love calculator is a modern day tool to determine one’s love compatibility. The love calculator has shown a significant importance in teenagers and also in middle aged groups. Unlike traditional days of palm reading techniques and long sessions of birth signs and scriptures, these calculators are a fun way to know your hush hush affairs making compatibility testing easier and faster.

With a love calculator, one doesn’t even need to know the zodiac signs or something about a secret crush. This type of calculator basically uses the names or certain common factors such as looks, age or even to determine the success you would have with your secret crush.

The love calculator tool utilizes a love tool analysis which measures the love meter. It simply calculates the percentage of compatibility between you and your partner or someone you admire. It also tests the romance between your dream mates and sometimes depicts untold secrets. Moreover, availability of different types of love calculator in the market have made this a fun and interesting way to find about how much your secret crush feels for you.

There are various kinds of calculators that one can use one. Love quizzes and love tests will ask a few basic questions are asked regarding you and your partner. This will analyse the future status of the relationship. Also these queries can evaluate several other factors such as issues between the partners, upcoming future, dealings with those future situations, etc. At times a situation could be given to that person and how he reacts to it will analyze his future by seeing the results.

Usually a love compatibility tool or the basic calculator usually demands the first name of the person taking the test and his partner’s name or family name.

Some tools also use the astrological method in which it checks the love quotient through astrological match. It is obtained by giving the zodiac signs and comparing them in the tool itself. The sun signs give better picture of love compatibility and hence it is the best love calculator.

Numerology calculation is yet another kind of astrological method in which the date and time of birth is considered for knowing the intimacy level of the couple. In this nothing needs to be done by the person approaching it, the love calculator itself does all the work.

The love meter is a different kind of calculator for love in which the couple is analyzed through a scale. It does not show the percentage for compatibility, but rates the compatible factor in terms of a particular scale. You can find out if you are a super love match or a medium one.



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