Polymer clay may have the reputation of being more of a children’s product. It has been used to form traditional childhood art projects such as ashtrays and animal figures that are then baked off in your kitchen oven for years. But just because it is easy and fun to work with certainly doesn’t mean it should be limited to child’s play. It can be formed into countless projects and since painting polymer clay is so easy, this versatile medium should be used by hobbyists and artists, child and adult alike, to create their art.

The versatility of polymer clays is what makes them perfect for your arts and crafts projects. You can paint your finished projects in a myriad of colors with no trouble. What is even better, you can form and shape the clay by hand or use the many Polymer clay supplies nz push molds available in craft stores and online. The push molds made today come in every imaginable design and shape far beyond a basic ashtray or dog of elementary school art classes. These flexible plastic molds are perfect for polymer clays. A search of the Internet will result in countless project ideas using your polymer clays and push molds. Your biggest problem will be narrowing your selection down to just one project. But there is plenty of clay to go around so pick your favorite now and save the rest for future projects.

Here are several other polymer clay tips that attest to its versatility and are sure to make your crafting all the more enjoyable. Blend two or more colors of polymer clay using a rolling pin or pasta machine. Impress textures, images and lines into the clay using sandpaper, rubber stamps and other household tools. Aside from commercial push molds create your own molds using common household items. Let your imagination go wild. Inlay small tiles or chips into the wet clay to create mosaic patterns. Try your hand at multi-media designing. Incorporate wire, glass, fabric or paper into your design to produce a truly unique piece.

As you can see the flexibility of polymer clay allows for it to be much more than just a children’s art project material. It presents unlimited options for the crafter and hobbyist to create everything from jewelry to multi-media decorative objects. But what is even better is that polymer clay is so easy to work with both children and adults can use it together making it a hobby everyone can get involved with as a family. Not just child’s play and not so complicated it is for adults only. That is truly the perfect arts and crafts medium.



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