It’s that time of year when families are gearing up for their summer getaway. You’ve got your mind on what to pack, booking flights and hotel rooms and planning your itinerary. Before you head out to your sunny destination, follow our handy tips for getting your home ready for your absence. These tips will help you to rest easy while you’re away knowing that your house is in order and will make your “back to reality” transition smoother.

Clean the ‘fridge

Toss any food that will expire while you’ll be away or freeze it if possible. Wipe away any crumbs or spills on the shelves.

Tackle the laundry

Coming back to a pile of laundry is not the best way to be welcomed back home. Wash, dry and put away your laundry before you leave so all you have to do is launder the clothes used on Orlando Homes For Vacation Rental.

Tidy the house

By the time departure day arrives you’re so ready for your vacation that you’re tempted to just leave everything as is and deal with it when you get back. As tempting as this is, don’t! You’ll be glad to come home to a clean and tidy house.


  • Don’t leave any dirty dishes in the sink or dishwasher.
  • Take out the trash and make arrangements with a neighbor to take the trash cans to the curb and back on trash day.
  • Run your garbage disposal.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors, dust, and wash the bathrooms. Make sure all toilets are flushed.
  • Change your bed sheets so that you’ll have a fresh bed to sleep in.
  • Clean out the coffee grinds and wash your coffee maker.



Set timers on a few outdoor and indoor lights, especially the living room and bedroom to discourage thieves.

Make sure your windows are closed to prevent rain from getting in and locked for safety.

If you’ll be away for more than week, and don’t regularly use a service to mow your lawn, make arrangements to have your landscaping needs tended to; an overgrown lawn is a huge giveaway that the home is empty.

Unplug your automatic garage door to keep thieves from opening it with a universal remote or getting in by cracking the code.

Be discreet about posting that you’ll be away on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media outlet.

Be energy efficient

Unplug your appliances, computers and electronics and other items that are not needed while you are away. According to the Consumer Energy Center, many appliances use power even when they’re turned off.

Unplugging your appliances also protects them from getting damaged during an electrical storm and helps prevent a house fire.

Turn off your central air conditioner or turn the temperature up so you’re not wasting energy. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set the air conditioning to come back on a few hours before you return; that way you don’t have to come back to a hot house.

Lower the temperature on your water heater to a lower temperature. Some units even have a “vacation mode” especially for this purpose.

Miscellaneous Essentials

Make arrangements for your pets; if you’re taking your pet with you or will be boarding him, don’t leave food in his dish.

Have a trusted neighbor or relative water your plants and collect your mail (or have the post office hold your mail). Ask them to keep an eye on the house for any problems.

Pay bills that will be due while you’re away.

Forward your calls from your house phone to your cell phone.

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