Most types of home renovation can be mentally daunting and quite costly, but a basement renovation is one of the rare types of renovations that are usually fairly straightforward and often less expensive than you would otherwise imagine. Turning your unfinished basement into a fully functional part of the house can literally transform your house and in most cases it adds over fifty percent new living space onto your house.

Most people with unfinished Basement Renovations Burlington try to spend as little time down there as possible as it is often dark, musty and generally unattractive. You go down there when you want to put something into storage or get something out of storage, but rarely else. Now imagine opening that space up, putting a new carpet, lighting and insulation in, and getting the space heated and cooled properly. Now imagine putting a few couches down there, a pool table, a big screen television and maybe even a fully functioning wet bar. Are you starting to see the possibilities of a basement renovation now?

Your imagination is really the limitation with your renovation as you have a completely blank canvas that is as large as the entire ground floor of your home. Many contractors will come in and sketch out some possible plans for your basement renovation, so it is often smart to call in a handful to give you free estimates before selecting one to do the job.

It’s difficult to say how much the renovation will cost you, as there are a ton of variables that can’t be considered generally, but it often won’t cost much more than to do the basic finishing work, and sometimes even less than that. While that sounds like a lot of money to lie out at one time, imagine the extra value you’re adding to your home? Most renovations like a kitchen or bathroom will cost you around $20,000 but will not add of value to your home. With a basement renovation you will be spending around $10,000 but you’re adding in some cases hundreds of extra square feet to your home. That can be worth tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line, and in most cases more importantly you’ll be getting a brand new living area to enjoy with your family.


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