Trying to find the best aviation headset for you can be difficult because there are so many to choose from. The following reviews on the David Clark headset, Telex headset, and Peltor headset will help you understand better how each aviation headset works and which one is the best for you.

David Clark Headset
This aviation headset brand is very popular among pilots. These aviation headsets have been around for decades and truly offer an impeccable performance for the pilot. Both aviation headsets and electronic noise canceling headsets are available. There are many different headsets that make up the David Clark line. There are the basic headsets that are more affordable with only basic features, and then there are midline models with more features and comfort, and top of the line models as well. There are also other models that have different features and design aspects that appeal to pilots.

Telex Headset
There are a variety of branded vr headsets on the market, but in general the Telex headset is a good product. Most pilots will tell you that it is nothing like the Bose headset, but since it is considerably cheaper it really does work well. These headsets work very well and are also comfortable, which is important when you are flying. The last thing you want is an aviation headset that is uncomfortable or annoying because when you are in the sky you simply want to enjoy the open air.

Peltor Headset
The Peltor headset is also available in several different styles. But all of them provide comfort to the pilot and reduced noise. There are even some Peltor headsets that offer music and cell phone capabilities, which is really cool. Many pilots enjoy these features and buy Peltor headsets because of them. Regardless, the Peltor name brand means comfortable and high functioning aviation headsets.

Which One to Choose?
Now that you have a basic review of the David Clark headset, the Telex headset, and the Peltor headset you can begin making your choice on the headset for you. Remember you should try each of them out, compare them, and consider all of your needs, including budget, before making a choice. Once you decide on the aviation headset for you it is time to buy.

You can find plenty of retailers selling any and all of these aviation headset brands. You can search the Internet to compare prices or you can find used models as well if you aren’t ready to invest in a new model. There are lots of options available to you when it comes to buying an aviation headset.


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