Contact lenses are now some of the most popular articles for vision correction, but some colored lenses are also available in the market. These special lenses can not only be used to rectify vision problems, but also to enhance users’ personal images. In particular, some lenses can be used to enhance wearers’ natural eye colors, making eyes more attractive to look at. In addition, there are also lenses that can change wearers’ eye colors completely, making wearers unique to look at in particular situation.

If seen from different perspectives, color lenses can also be categorized into different groups. For example, there are now in the market hard and soft colored lenses; there are also disposable and extended eye wear. Color lenses can be used by people with or without vision problems. This is also some of them can be purchased without prescription. But a prescription may ensure much greater safety.

With the development of technology in the field, contact lenses can now be made from the best materials, ensuring great vision comfort and safety. For example, some lenses can offer eyes great comfort and freshness; some lenses can offer great moisture and others are even gas permeable.

Though color lenses can bring wearers a lot of benefits, many aspects should be noticed. For example, it is needed to store these lenses in proper cases. A good case can help users a lot in keeping vision safety. And the cases should be clearly washed with certain solutions. Or hygiene is also very important while maintaining.

The market is full of products ranging in style, price and quality. I was surprised that there is often a hefty price associated with some lenses, but after researching online found that it is not too challenging to find some great discount contact lenses. I made sure to tell my eye doctor that money was an issue for me and that I did not want to have a large bill every month for new lenses – he made his recommendations accordingly.

For major brands explore the Web sites or speak to your eye doctor to see which brand is the best for you. Consider these high-quality lenses: Acuvue, Aqualens, Avaira, Expressions, Biomedics, Focus Dailies, Durasoft, Freshlook, Soflens and Purevision. When choosing lenses for the first time, I had to learn the difference between single use lenses, daily wear, disposable lenses and long wear lenses. The choice normally depends on the level of sensitivity of your eyes and mine took to wearing lenses quite well, so I had a good selection of brand choice. I found that most brands produce many versions of products to cater for different preferences.

Another important difference between lenses includes whether they are soft lenses (flexible, permeable to oxygen, generally comfortable) or rigid gas permeable lenses (longer lasting the soft and therefore more affordable over time, slightly less comfortable than soft, better vision quality). You can definitely feel the difference against your eye and, for some people, the wrong lens can be extremely uncomfortable. After testing some different types and talking it over with my eye doctors, we decided to order a prescription of Acuvue contact lenses Oasys which, so far, has been excellent. I use about two pairs a month and only have to spend a few moments a day getting them clean and putting them in.



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