For all those sports fanatics it is definitely crucial to feel comfortable and look good while practicing for or playing a sport. Wearing correct, quality Sports World 165 clothing is vital as not only are the clothes designed particularly for a certain sport to assist performance, they feel comfortable and lower the potential risk of picking up injuries.

Regardless of how talented and skilled an individual is if they don’t have the necessary clothing and accessories their performance will suffer. Imagine the top 100 metre sprinter wearing an ordinary size t-shirt, the aerodynamics would be far less impressive compared to specific sprint wear costing the athlete milliseconds, this could place he/she four or five places down the field.

Now imagine a casual runner trying to improve fitness wearing casual shoes for long distance runs, injury becomes a huge risk as there is great stress on the legs, joints and lower back. Wearing specific running shoes from trusted brands reduces risk of injury as they are made to absorb the shock when the foot lands, give your ankle more support and give you the required grip for the terrain you’re running on.

A great sports outfit contains good footwear and clothing created specifically for your sport. A rugby player should have boots suitable for the sort of pitch he’s playing on, for instance soft boggy pitches require soft ground studs which usually consist of 6-8 long studs, however if playing on a firm pitch then moulds or blades suited for firm ground would be the ideal choice. Socks and shorts are quite a simple one with not so much room for error, the cost for socks and shorts aren’t too high either so buying from the best brands in rugby is a good, affordable option and you know you will receive quality items.

The shirt is important as it needs to look stylish and also be made of tough materials that will last the tackles, trys and scrums. A rugby shirt is generally made up of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, this is the ideal mix as cotton is tough while polyester lets air pass through it keeping the player as cool as possible.

In terms of looking for and buying sportswear it is pretty simple as lots of high street stores have specific sports clothing in sections of their store, so there is likely to be a badminton section in one area and a football section in another making it easy for you to find what your after. The simplest way to buy is on the net, for instance a search of rugby clothing in Google will bring back countless results, so you can literally shop from the comfort of home.



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