Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu Festival that celebrates duty and love between sisters and brothers. It is a festival that generally celebrates the brother – sister relationship. It can be between those who are biologically related or between relatives. On the special festival day, sisters prepare early in the morning, put on new clothes. They then tie Rakhi around the wrists of their brothers. The Rakhi is a holy thread or sacred thread that symbolizes sister’s love and also well-being prayers for the brother. The prayers and love are also dedicated to the brother’s vow to protect her for a lifetime.

Apart from Send Rakhi to UK and any other gift from the sisters, the brothers also endow the sisters with special gifts and promise lifelong protection. As a sister there are so many gifts you can send together with the special holy thread that you have selected for your brother. You can choose rakhi gift hamper for brother that comes with a number of other gifts besides the sacred thread. Some of the gifts you can have included include clothes, sweets, dry fruits and perfumes. Goggles and watches also make very good rakhi gifts for your brother.

When you decide to send rakhi with sweets, make sure that your brother loves the kind of sweets you select for them. There are so many types to choose from and you therefore will manage to get the best in relation to his personal preferences. You can buy rakhi online and also send rakhi online for convenience.

Choosing the rakhi

Considering that the rakhi remains to be the most important gift of the Rakshan Bandhan festival, you want to make sure that you choose the perfect holy thread for your brother. The threads come in a huge range of colors and embellishments in different colors, sizes and designs. A few ideas listed below can help you select the most suitable for your brother according to age and what is most appealing.

Kid bro – If you are buying rakhi for your kid bro who is under 13 years of age, then you can choose a thread that has cartoon or superhero images printed on. Find out what cartoon characters you brother loves the most and then choose the thread accordingly. A musical rakhi that has a number of interesting musical sounds can also make a good gift for boys in the age group. You can couple it with toys gifts like mobile handsets, cars and bikes.

Young bro – If your brother is between 13 and 20 years of age a fancy and traditional looking rakhi will be best. The thread can be gold-silver coated or be a bracelet style rakhi. Stone and zari rakhis also seem to be appropriate for this age.

Elder bro – For brothers who are over the age of 20 you should select elegant but simple rakhis. Divine and mauli rakhis make good choices but you can also go for semi-precious stone and precious stone rakhis, zari or resha m rakhis. A thread that has some religious touch will definitely be loved by this group or rakhis with divine images.


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