The story book is almost as old as Guttenberg’s printing press and the telling of stories is an ancient pursuit. Though, we live in a digital age the story is still an integral of part of teaching as ever and really profits children in a range of important ways.

The story itself is often seen as a treat and is usually read before a break period, or the end of the day. However, the Story apps for kids
is a very significant part of literacy and creates a number of important things for children to grasp.

Stories are a great way to foster curiosity and so is often the subject of intense focus from children – sometimes story time is the only quiet period of the day. This attention giving makes it one of the most important for making an impression on children.

Aids Understanding

Directly, storytelling allows children to grasp new situations and can be used to quell fears, teach and also to show apt behaviour in a certain situation. It is as well a great way to give a child a self of self and allow them to relate their own experiences to the one being read out. This of course really aids personal development and can be a great way to garner emotional understanding.

Using story time as an aid for role play can also really be of profit to children in a number of ways. Whether using puppets or partaking in role-plays children learn a number of important values, and storytelling is often at the fore of such activities.

Role Play

Waist up portrait of concentrated attentive kid using tablet. He is lying on the carpet under blanket in cozy children room at home

Role play is pivotal for building up a sense of confidence and allowing children to express themselves. Children can use role play, or puppet play to act out certain hypothetical situations. This is a great way to improve one-on-one communication and cooperation between children and also allows them to be creative on an individual and furthermore cooperative level.

Believe it or not, kids’ music and stories that carry wholesome messages or come in the form of upbeat harmony can boost immunity. This means that this kind of music has positive long-term effects on children. There have been studies that show kids who listen to lively music or positive stories have lesser times of illnesses. Also, listening to upbeat music as well as singing can decrease the hormone cortisone which is also stress-related. It is very likely that your child will grow healthy and not sickly if surrounded by upbeat music or in stories with wholesome messages.

There are many advantages to listening to upbeat music or nursery rhymes in upbeat melodies. The good news is that you can now search for Aesop’s fables, nursery rhymes and upbeat children’s music from the internet. Rest assured that this can have positive short-term and long-term effects on your children.




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