Furniture passed through generations of family is very common and has been tradition since furniture meant royalty centuries ago. Nowadays, commonly referred to as second hand furniture, it is still passed down through families but can sometimes be disappointing to unsuspecting family members who would rather not have the freebie at all. On the other hand, it can mean saving a lot of money on that dining table you are missing in your kitchen. For the families it dire need, it can mean a clean place to eat their food and keep them from having to eat off of the floor.

It’s important to get the out of donating second hand furniture. We want the furniture donation to be taken care of and used to its maximum potential. Overall, we just want it to go to someone who needs it the most and that’s what makes us feel good inside. Donating to those in need can be a great way to show how much you appreciate your community and your willingness to help others. It can go a long way in a small community as others see your good deeds and are willing to help you when your own life gets rough.

One thing to watch out for is damaged parts of used furniture that are bad enough to impair the normal uses of it. Donating it in that condition would be more of a hassle to the family who gets it, rather than helping them. Be sure to tighten bolts, clean it thoroughly and sand any splinters poking out as well. If any legs are broken on the furniture or fabric completely ripped out, you can repair it fast and cheap with a few supplies from your local hardware store.

Giving your old furniture to families who need it the most is probably what most will want to do. You can check Craig’s list in your area or put an ad in the paper to find the best possible home for it. New homeowners with your own family are a great place to start looking and even relatives who have had a lot of troubles recently. Giving your used furniture to them can really brighten their days and make them more appreciative of you, and increasing their chances of helping you in the future.

Whether it’s to a church or charity, a family in need or donating that old leather lounge suite to your son, donating anything you can is one sure way to make even yourself happier. One of the most rewarding things in life is making others smile. Knowing you have done your part to better someone else’s life is a high that no drug can achieve. It can all be as simple as taking your time to find the right home for your used furniture.



By Olivia

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