Fungus in the nail has become a very common disease. Medically known as Onychomycosis it affects both the finger nails and toenails. Toenails are more likely to be affected by this infection as they are kept closed up and don’t get much air to breath. As we need to breathe in order to live the same goes for the nails. If there no sufficient air supply to the Fungal nail treatment in Singapore they start changing color and contract several infections. They are more commonly seen in adults. There are divers treatments for this infection and one can choose one according to stage and cause of the infection.

Nail fungus causes the nail to look ugly and this affects the mind of the person suffering from it. The initial symptom is that the nail starts appearing yellow and if left untreated it starts turning blacker and gradually starts chipping of. It is not only the nail that gets affected but also the skin beneath and around the nail that contracts the infection. As the symptoms are obvious they can be easily detected and treated in the initial stage. This will cause less damage and terminate the infection easily.

The cause of the infection should be detected first as it makes it easy to decide which will be the most effective treatment for it. You can go to a skin clinic and get accurate analysis for the cause of the fungus that has been accumulated. According to this the best method for treatment can be adopted.

Laser treatment is has been newly introduced and in this treatment the fungus can be removed and terminated entirely in just a single treatment. As they are quite expensive not all people go for it. Several clinics have been opened and if you can afford it this is the fastest way to eliminate your suffering.

They don’t cause in the initial stage but if left to spread more and more it becomes very difficult to wear shoes, stand for long, etc. Sometimes it also becomes quite difficult to move around. Like several other infections there are home remedies for this one too. Herbal methods are effective and don’t have any side effects, as herbs are organic and organic products are always user friendly.

If the infection is left alone without any treatment then home remedies don’t have any effect on them. You will have to go for surgical removal of nail which doesn’t always guarantee that the nail will grow back as it was before. In some cases the nail doesn’t grow back at all.


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