Wood wick Lotion are newest rage in candles today. They are a unique combination of sound and scents. They give off pleasant aromas of natural firewood like pineapple wood, blackberry or sandalwood. As the wick burns it crackles merrily giving off the illusion of a log fire burning in the fireplace. These have fast become very popular because they give off a very homey feel. People who have grown up with warm evenings beside fireplaces get extremely nostalgic and seek out these candles. The scents available are not limited to wood based ones like the ones mentioned before or like Frasier Fir or Douglas fir, they are also available in floral, fruity and citrus scents as well as food based aromas like pumpkin pie or ginger bread or angel food cake. These food based fragrances add to the homey feel.

Wood wick candles have many nuances that place them well above ordinary candles. Their wicks are made from the barks of organic trees so they are free from chemical contaminants that release harmful substances like lead and acetone in to the environment. They are made from a combination of soy wax and bees wax unlike traditional candles that use paraffin. This helps the flame to be clean and it does not produce a grey sludge that is found in normal ones. One really amazing factor is that the soy wax is slow burning so the candle lasts much longer than the ordinary ones. These can be great bed or bath accessories and can help spice up a romantic dinner setting. They are packaged in beautiful glass containers that add a decorative air to the candles thus they serve as pretty knick knacks around the house when not in use. They also serve as excellent gifts. They can be presented to people of all ages and on any special occasion.

It can be quite confusing shopping for these candles because there are so many different types to choose from and all of them are so adorable you cannot make up your mind. Usually these are sorted on the basis of their fragrances, namely spicy, sweet, fruit, floral, citrus and woodland. You can also find unique scents like freshly laundered linen. These are also separated by size. Their sizes can range from 22oz, 10oz and 3.4oz. Another wonderful type is the fusion type which has three different scents distinguished by their colors. First the top color melts are releases its scent. As it burns into the second color the two fuse giving it a pleasant fragrance. Same with the third color, all fusing together to create a whole new scent. Buying them online will give you really good deals and really help save money.



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