Cell Phone, Mobile Phone, or wireless communication device, these are just a few names that people use to describe the same piece of technology. The fact is, this technology has shrunk in size and has increased in functionality. No longer does a person need a large shoe box size carrying case to use one of these devices.

The cost associated with mobile phones has gone down as well as making it a fundamental part of everyone’s communication world. The wireless infrastructure has expanded to a point of saturation where an individual can go almost anywhere and get a signal.

A good majority of households have ditched the old school landline and have gone strictly wireless. The business world has taken this into account and is expanding their advertising budgets to reach out and touch as many of these mobile phones and other wireless devices as possible.

There are over 5 billion mobile phones users worldwide. Out of those 5 billion users 72 percent send and receive text messages. Those are amazing numbers; tapping into those numbers will yield a greater percentage of revenue for any Business Text Messaging that takes advantage.

In the United States alone 2.5 billion text messages are sent every day, and 97 percent of the messages received are open and read. Those are some staggering statistics that should have you falling out of your seat and kicking yourself if you are still on the outside looking in.

Marketing via text messaging is still in its infancy. Many of the largest advertising agencies are just now offering this service and many of the largest corporations in the world are already utilizing this new advertising medium. Companies like Ford, Macy’s, Target, Texas Motor Speedway, and even the Chicago Bulls all have expanded their advertising campaigns to include mobile marketing.

Mobile Texting Campaigns have added a new way to engage existing customers while enticing new customers to opt-in to receive great discounts on products and services. Customers are truly seeing the benefit and are taking full advantage.

Statistics show that more people own mobile phones then computers, and unlike computers an individual’s mobile phone is usually no more than 3 feet from them at any given time. So based on pure numbers and accessibility the mobile phone will become one of the most powerful advertising mediums for successful business.

The mobile phone is becoming the center of everyone’s communication universe. Business owners must learn how to effectively cultivate, engage, and communicate with new and existing customers via their mobile device.



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