Many companies do not consider the telephone to be an important part of a business decision. After all, running a business – especially start-up companies – is hard work, and there are many things to consider on the road. How important can a telephone number be?

If the telephone number just happened to be a vanity number, it may as well cost the company its success – or so part of it.

These can make a big difference in a company’s day to day operations and profits; making it quite worthy of careful consideration for businesses of all sizes. Regardless of the product of a company or an approach, these are one of the most cost-effective purchases.

The highest advantage of this is the name recognition that instantly develops a business phone line. Studies have shown that humans can recover up to seven digit number from their short-term memories, but have a much easier time remembering the patterns and words.

This name recognition is also an opportunity to brand companies using the toll free Vanity number. It is one thing to buy a number that will be free for customers to call, but it is another thing to buy a number that is free for callers and easier to remember. This is what companies do with them, building an automatic response from their customers, simply showing the number regularly in commercials and printed ads.

These are a powerful symbol of establishment in the business world. In the right hands, it is a great advantage that can help develop corporate accounts that otherwise would be completely impossible to obtain.

The best performance of these come from the incorporation of other technologies. With a high quality telephone system, for example, small businesses may seem bigger than they really are. More calls can be handled at the same time because of advanced telephone system and more calls will come through the vanity toll free number.

Companies with these aim for more than their competitors without vanity numbers – at least when it comes to telephone traffic through the selection of a memorable brand name and the establishment of the telephone number. It is a worthy investment for developing companies who need help in establishing a name, even in crowded markets.

Any company that does not take advantage of their toll free number is resigned to receiving less business opportunities and less overall interest of business partners and other sources. Like any successful entrepreneur, any worthy investment is essential if it is for long-term benefit and success.


By Olivia

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