Marksmen are ranged champions whose power revolves around their basic attacks. Using their range to their advantage doing continuous damage from afar. This allows them to kill just about anyone if they have enough damage and they’re able to kite back and stay away from the enemy.

The marksman’s weaknesses is that they are very vulnerable to burst damage. Once you get on top of them they’re one of the easiest classes to delete.

Not everyone can be effective in this class as it needs skill to avoid, dodge and kite enemy abilities. These champions tend to have low mobility and are vulnerable if you have a bad position. With this in mind you need some level of high mechanics to kite the enemies and not die for free as you are the team’s central DPS dealer.

If you don’t aquire this skill then you’ll be the easiest target to kill. To win more games you either need to sink thousands of hours into attack moving effectively. Or you could download ourΒ undetected LoL ScriptΒ to orb walk with ease, and you could play like your favorite pro player now.

The nerfs to Jinx and Zeri have shaken up the top marksmen. With all that out the way, we’re here to introduce the Top 3 best Marksman in Season 12 – Patch 12.5b.

Jhin kills as an art, using his gun as a paintbrush… make sure he isn’t using your teammates blood to paint on his canvas.

He is one of the ADC’s that hasn’t been hit with a huge nerf in the past few months making his position climb up the ladder as the top marksman to play in season 12. But what makes Jhin so great? He provides an insane amount of damage especially with his 4 bullet passive β€œWhisper”– the last bullet deleting enemies in the later stages of the game.

Jhin the virtuoso is able to adapt to any game and meta being viable in any scenario mainly because he isn’t reliant on supports as much as other ADCs.

But playing Jhin isn’t all sunshines and rainbows. While Jhin can provide immense amounts of pressure in lane and broken amounts of damage in the teamfights, he does require a lot of practice. You need to get used to hitting skillshots like his Curtain calls ultimate and Deadly flourish β€œW”. The number one thing to make Jhin as effective as possible is to have great kiting because he has no escapes. The only mobility in his kit is the small amount of movespeed gained from his passive.

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