Whether you are planning on visiting Hawaii or are just looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate at a pool party, Hawaiian shirts are a fun way to capture the aloha spirit. Hawaiian shirts can be purchased at wholesale prices at many local shops in Hawaii. However, if you are not planning on visiting the islands any time soon, the Internet can be an extremely convenient place to find Hawaiian shirts wholesale.

Many wholesalers require that a certain quantity of T-shirts be purchased in order to receive the wholesale price. For example, Rainbow Hawaii requires the purchaser to buy at least 50 shirts in order to get the wholesale price. This wholesale price is beneficial not only to anyone interested in reselling the shirts at their own store, but also to people planning a variety of functions. Businesses that are planning Hawaiian-themed meetings and individuals who are looking to throw large luaus can all benefit from purchasing large quantities of Hawaiian T-shirts at discount prices.

Please note that many online wholesale retailers have restrictions on orders. Some companies will only sell wholesale items to certain countries, usually the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada. Further, most will not accept C.O.D., and they will not agree to drop shipping. Most online wholesalers will also not sell to vendors that intend to re-sell the items on the Internet, citing a conflict of interest.

If you are looking to purchase large quantities of the classic island design, buying Hawaiian shirts wholesale is a great way to save some money.

Such is the acceptance of the Aloha shirt as normal attire, even in business, that the once-referred to Aloha Friday, when people would wear these shirts to the office, became known in west coast USA as Casual Friday and even today many businesses adopt a dress-down day during the week (typically friday) when suits and ties are left at home and casual clothes are worn. While Aloha shirts are still made, true and authentic originals from the fifties or sixties are becoming rare and much sought after. A high street retro clothing store may have a great range of designs on sale. For some people the best Hawaiian shirts are often the wildest, most dazzling designs and colours – the more outrageous the better.




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