The world works on a basis of supply and demand. Even before currency was conceived, us pesky humans would swap products with each other. Therefore, there has always been a mutual understanding when it comes to the worth of resources. Some may argue that certain resources are intrinsic. This argument supports the ‘Do It Yourself’ consensus. Others may argue that you many resources are pointless and wasteful. They argue that you just need the necessities. This is the opinion of what society would call a minimalist. Fitness can be easily perceived as intrinsic to ones self or it could be applied to the doctrine of minimalism. By applying fitness to either of these ideologies many aspects of the industry would become obsolete and worthless.

However, the industry is not obsolete or worthless.

If you look at the popularity of fitness commodities within contemporary society you will see the demand. For the sake of an analogy, let’s use poker. Once people see the hand, they are likely to go all in. Fitness’s addictive nature is inherently chemical but many fitness commodities show a certain prestige. Being in shape shows how you are health conscious and more often that not, sexually active. These characteristics are celebrated in society. So now we understand the psychological and sociological implications of the popular health and fitness market.

Yet, there is one commodity that has over-developed into an industry of its own. This industry is the Personal Trainer San Diego industry.

It is easy to see the appeal of being a personal trainer because you can amalgamate your passion for fitness with a profitable career. There are over 800 providers nationwide and they all work for certain areas through certain bodies that reward fitness qualifications. This number shows the demand for a PT’s as well as a demand for fitness qualifications.

So why do people want a personal trainer?

What are the benefits?

Well one of the reasons that people hire personal trainers is because they motivate you better than you could motivate yourself. A personal trainer holds a person accountable for their actions while motivating them. They understand the psychology that it takes to achieve your optimum fitness and they will develop this understanding onto you. They will also not allow you to cut corners and you will see more benefits because of this.

Another reason that people hire PT’s is because a personal trainer provides customization. A personal trainer caters to the individual and they will customize a fitness and nutritional plan for you. However, you have to tell your trainer what you are looking for and the trainer will tailor your sessions to best achieve this. If you want to get the most effective workouts it is recommended that you hire a personal trainer.

Personal trainers are educated professionals who understand the correct way to do nearly anything that is related to health and fitness. For instance, you would got to a mechanic about a car the same way you got to a personal trainer about fitness. They know what workout is most effective for a certain muscle groups. They also know how perfectly squat with the correct posture and form. Chances are if you are teaching yourself, you are not doing it correctly. If you want to maximise the effect of each workout, and use the equipment effectively, this is another reason why people hire a fitness professional.

Furthermore, having a personal trainer is the fastest way to get results because you will be working to maximise the effects of your workout. Think of your body being a project. Having a tutor will enable you to finish your project and maintain a high grade. People will hire a personal trainer to achieve this. For instance, I have often worked on my body with a goal in mine. Looking back now, I was finished before I had started. It took up too much time and I looked for anyway to procrastinate by playing with the lid of my water bottle. However, with a personal trainer you are more likely to see results much quicker than you would when working out on your lonesome.



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