What’s the use of an AdSense calculator? Why use something that approximates what you might be earning, or what you should be earning?

AdSense calculators are essential tools in every AdSense project. They give you an idea of the potential of your chosen AdSense theme and give you solid figures for you to aim for. It gives your project depth and enables you to focus your resources towards real possible goals.

For those that already have an AdSense website, AdSense calculators gives you a real dose of reality. It gives publishers an idea of how successful their sites are.

So what can you glean from an AdSense calculator? What kind of information can you obtain? Well, it depends on how simple or complex the calculator is, however, simple calculators can fulfil most AdSense publisher’s needs.

Simple calculators, can give you basic information about possible earnings based on expected (or actual) Click-Through-Rates (CTR), daily impressions and average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of your AdSense ads. With an idea of your likely earnings, you can better organise your marketing strategies to increase or focus your traffic levels towards maximising your AdSense earnings. Or you could decide to concentrate on your keywords in order to attract higher paying AdSense ads. If you want better approximations about possible or current earnings you can use more complex CTR Calculator that allow you to key in more variables relating to your AdSense website.

The use of AdSense calculator’s focuses the attention of publishers towards the core factors required to make money using Google AdSense and a calculator basically condenses everything down to;

  • Traffic
  • Click-Through-Rates (CTR)
  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC)

An increase in any of these factors ultimately results in an increase of your possible AdSense earnings. A calculator quickly shows the impact these factors have on the amount of AdSense cash you can earn. If you can substantially increase your CTRs or/and your CPCs you will earn a decent amount of money using Google AdSense.

Every new AdSense publisher should use an AdSense calculator periodically, to get a real grasp of the potential behind their AdSense project. It helps to get you back on track, readjusting you after possibly getting distracted with all the other aspects involved in putting together an AdSense site.

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