Real-time alerts with corresponding footage

When schools have a unified security system that integrates vape detector and smart security cameras, the sensors and cameras communicate seamlessly. When vaping is detected, the system automatically knows which cameras are nearby and will connect corresponding video evidence to the alert.

Alerts happen in real time. In seconds, you can investigate the incident, save footage to address it later on, or share it with the appropriate staff member.

Fast footage search for easy investigation

On a unified security platform, sensors alerts are automatically categorized and marked in the video timeline. At a glance, you can see exactly when vaping occurred and jump straight to the relevant footage.

Collect video evidence on a unified platform

Obtaining sensor data and paired video evidence helps clarify uncertain situations in which administrators are forced to make assumptions and choose who to believe. It helps free investigations from underlying biases and creates a safer and fairer environment for everyone on campus.

With solid evidence in hand, administrators can directly intervene and support students who are found to be vaping and create targeted programming and educational resources based on the information uncovered.

Vape sensors and student privacy

Creating a balance between student privacy and school safety can feel challenging, especially when it comes to enforcing vaping and smoking prohibitions.

A major advantage of IoT vape sensors can be installed anywhere without infringing on student or faculty privacy. Pair the sensor with a security camera facing the restroom’s exterior doorβ€”together, the sensor and camera provide context on what’s happening without violating a person’s right to privacy.

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