Okay, when it comes to the best deals available at the moment, there are quite a few involved in that thrilling pastime paintballing, but one offer recently from spreets, provided the ultimate experience.

Under the best deals banner, Delta Force Paintball offers what it describes as a seriously cool experience. Not only does the participant get the fun of paintballing, they do it on five-star movie set game zones.

So when Delta Force Paintball offer one of the best deals 2ndswing promo code on the web, they mean to give the buyer a never to be forgotten experience. So rather than running around a forest, trying to capture wooden huts and flags, how about fighting within a themed film set.

This set up a fantastic best deals today chance to have a great deal of fun. So imagine paintballing with sets based on Tomb Raider, Jungle Crypt, Tropic Thunder, Dodge City and Checkpoint Charlie. How cool was that. And not only that, there are many other themed sites within the combat zone.

And if you needed any further convincing, this is the place where celebrity paintballers like Wayne Rooney, Elle Macpherson and Lewis Hamilton like to get their kicks. Delta Force is the country’s largest paintball provider, so has a big reputation to maintain. It has five star rating from the Australian Paintball Association.

They offer also included advanced paintball guns, 200 rounds of paintball ammo, body armour and other assorted bits of kit. And they also threw in a large Domino Pizza to wade off hunger pangs.

And for anyone who’s played paintball, they know the importance of the free 200 rounds to get started. It sounds a lot, but when the excitement is raging out in the combat zone and the battle really hots up, then 200 balls of paint can quickly go.

And for first time users it can literally go in minutes. Most who are new to paintballing spend the first session firing away in mad oblivion, working on the theory that you can’t get shot yourself if your spreading a wide arc of fire. You soon learn that doesn’t work of course. It takes just one sharp shooter with an accurate paintball to knock you out of the competition. And when you’ve sprayed the area in paintballs and not even hit a barn door, you’ll learn what it’s like reloading under incoming fire. Very unnerving!

Just a note, in Victoria, those wishing to play paintball must be 18, or over, whilst it’s 16 over with parental consent in New South Wales, and, 12 and over in Western Australia with parental consent.


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