If any of you ladies ever wanted the make the guy’s eyes pop out every time you walk by, a sexy tattoo may be for you. Why not put together a few Body Tattoo Ideas, and then decide which ones will up your hotness factor? You see it more and more – The hottest and sexiest women are showcasing an artistic new tat on strategic parts of their bodies.

But have you noticed how the standards for cool body tattoopedia ideas is rapidly changing? Women are choosing bolder tattoos inspired by designs traditionally favored by men. Women are increasingly comfortable in their femininity, and no longer feel the need to limit their choices to the usual cutesy designs of the past.

Warning – Don’t Mix Cute and Hot: Hot tattoo designs may range from bold to dangerous, from exotic to erotic. A pretty butterfly or cute smiley face will NOT drive your man crazy. To amp up your hotness, think about body tattoo ideas that express sexiness and power. For example, a dragon tattoo is certainly daring and bold, but consider accentuating delicate facial features, making it uniquely yours.

Yes, Size Matters – How big your tattoo should be is a difficult question. There are those women who are extra bold. They feel perfectly comfortable covering their whole back with a sexy tattoo design. But this is not for everyone. Most women prefer a medium size tattoo, slightly larger then the average. Undoubtedly daring, but not over the top.

Being bold and standing out is the fast track to sexy. A good way to use a tattoo to show your sex appeal is having a bold design, and confidence to show it off. So, larger then average is a good thing.

There are plenty of tattoo designers for you to choose from. You will want to put time into designing on your unique style and color. Your new tattoo will be with you forever, and you will want to entertain only the best body tattoo ideas. Select some great designs, get the opinion of close friends, and talk to local tattoo artists. Choose an awesome tattoo that showcases the sexy creature you are.

By Olivia

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