One of the most popular materials used in construction is concrete. Whether it is on a sidewalk, parking garages, or construction sites, concrete is everywhere, and rightfully so. Not only does concrete have a wide application, it’s also highly durable and affordable. Proper concrete forming is critical in creating a solid foundation that supports the weight of an entire building. The safety of people accessing the building depends on the integrity of its structure. No one understands concrete solutions better than our skilled team at Trihill. Our vast experience in construction and working with concrete sets us apart as leaders in concrete forming. Over the years, we’ve built a diverse portfolio of projects showcasing various commercial property concrete solutions.


Foundation concrete forming is the process of allowing concrete to set properly using forms to ensure its strength and durability. Forms keep the wet concrete in place while it dries and hardens. Once the concrete has had sufficient time to dry, the forms are removed. It’s imperative that the forms used to shape the concrete are strong enough to withhold the weight of cement.

Cement is heavy, so making sure that the forms are adequate is critical. Over time, concrete does crack, but whether it was set correctly or not will determine how large these cracks become and the risk they will pose to those in and around the building.


Constructing any kind of building requires careful planning and an in-depth understanding of the construction process. The sheer size of commercial buildings calls for experienced contractors to lend their expertise to the project to ensure it is completed safely and on time. Trihill is that team. Our longevity in the industry speaks to the integrity, skill and care we put into every project we take on.

If the foundation walls are not formed properly, the concrete can become weak or crack. A crack or compromise in any area of the foundation can lead to much bigger problems down the road and jeopardize the safety of people in and around the building. Having experts with the kind of skill that experience teaches makes all the difference.

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