Quick History of Samurai Swords

The first use of Samurai Swords dates back to the 14th – 17th century when faster response times dictated the need of having specialized swords for battle conditions. The unique design of these Samurai swords meant that a soldier could use it as a draw-and-cut weapon with ease. These tensa zangetsu swords enabled the soldiers to attack their opponents in a quick fashion.

Though these main time periods account for the most documented eras from which Japanese samurai swords hailed, it is believed that these ancient weapons dated as far back as 800 AD.

Things to look at before buying Samurai Swords online

Buying collectible blades online can be a painstaking process, but the pain has to be endured if you want to find the best possible weapon for your collection. Here are some tips you might consider, before purchasing a Katana online.

The steelΒ – Don’t waste your time buying a blade made of stainless steel. All authentic swords have been forged using carbon steel. And today’s weapons are no different. If you want a real sword, buy one that is forged using carbon steel. After all, it is the steel that makes these swords stronger. Buying a sword made of carbon steel ensures that you have a strong blade.

Heat TreatedΒ – True swords have forged blades that have been heat treated and tempered. If you find a carbon steel sword that has not been heat treated or tempered, then you have found a carbon steel sword that is not a real sword. Do not buy it if you are looking for a genuine collectible, that is capable of cutting.

TangΒ – The tang is the part of the weapon that is attached to the blade and inside the handle. If the sword is not built with a full tang, then it might look really good on the wall, but this is not a functional, real sword that is capable of cutting.

ManufacturerΒ – If you are not able to touch and hold the weapon that you are considering to buy, then it is always a safe bet to buy the katana that was built by a trusted manufacturer. Manufacturers like Cas Hanwei, Cold Steel and Cheness are reputed names in this niche, so you can be sure of one thing if you buy one of these brands – You will be adding an authentic, high-quality blade to your collection. These manufacturers are a small glimpse of a group that symbolize the best practices, which are associated with the making of authentic Samurai Swords.

Better Business BureauΒ – I have heard several customers say they have had bad experiences buying swords online. This goes with any niche, however. The fact is that there are countless websites that are selling the same stuff. So some businesses are fly-by-night. So how do you know about Joe’s Sword Shop? Well, if all else looks good, then go to the BBB website online and search for the business. Often, if other people are disgruntled, there will be a paper trail.

The fact is, there are some great stores online that give the sword collector an opportunity to save some money. Many stores offer free shipping as well. Once you do your homework, and find a good armoury, then you can rest assure, they will appreciate your return business on your next purchase.


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