Win7 Total Security is a new virus which is has been created by a group of hackers online who have decided to try and make money from unsuspecting PC users, who they try and lure into their elaborate scam. If you have this infection on your PC, you have to be able to remove it in the most effective way possible – which can be done by first ensuring that you can stop the program from running before deleting its files.

Win7 Total Security is just a piece of software (called a “malware”/malicious software infection), and works by installing itself onto your PC and then causing all sorts of problems as a result. The fact that this is software is vitally important, as it blocks the firewall/antivirus programs that your system will have, as well as continually causing a large number of problems for your computer. In order to resolve the problems that Total Security will bring to your computer, you have to first ensure that you can stop the program from operating, before deleting it completely from your system.

This software will install its files here:

  • %AllUsersProfile%\t3e0ilfioi3684m2nt3ps2b6lru
  • %AppData%\Local\[random].exe
  • %AppData%\Local\t3e0ilfioi3684m2nt3ps2b6lru
  • %AppData%\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Templates\t3e0ilfioi3684m2nt3ps2b6lru
  • %Temp%\t3e0ilfioi3684m2nt3ps2b6lru


How To Remove Win7 Total Security

The initial step to remove this virus is to restart your PC into Safe Mode, as this will ensure that you are able to delete the various files & options which the program may have. We’ve found the best way to stop the virus loading is to reload Windows into “Safe Mode”. This basically allows your computer to run without any of the software which it will have running, and will therefore prevent Win7 Total Security from operating. To do this, restart your computer and then press F8 to load up safe mode.

The steps to remove this infection are as follows:

  1. Reload Windows into Safe Mode
  2. Load up a spyware removal program
  3. Let your PC delete all the parts of the virus


We recommend using a program called XoftSpy to get rid of all the infected settings that Win7 Total Security will have inside. This will not only make sure that your computer is able to run much smoother, but will ensure that your PC can fix the various problems that it may have with other parts of your system. Although you can delete the files listed above, most people agree that in order to completely clean out your computer, it’s definitely worth using a spyware removal program to fix the problems that your PC may have.


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