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Water Soluble Films Will Help to Lessen Plastic Pollution

Over the years, the water soluble films have been specifically used for water soluble pods of liquid laundry detergents. However, market players and new entrants are involved in continual R&D to provide sustainable polyvinyl alcohol (PVA/PVOH) films or water soluble films. Innovations in the water soluble film suppliers have made the environmentally friendly and harmless packaging of food products and other substances possible. The PVA films may transform the grocery bags and several medical products’ markets.

Plastic waste management is a serious predicament all over the world. The detection of microplastics in water has increased the concern of plastic management among the respective authorities. The packaging industry produces a huge amount of plastic waste annually. Water soluble films have been a great alternative for individual material or product packaging, thus contributing to the reduction of plastic waste. The advancements in biodegradable, water soluble films make it more desirable for the packaging of liquid products, thus driving market growth.

A wide variety of water soluble films is available in the market, from those that are high strength and puncture-resistant to those that are soluble at different water temperatures. The demand for water soluble films is increasing with growing demand in pharmaceuticals, detergents, agrochemicals, water treatment chemicals, and other industries. According to Allied Market Research, the global water-soluble film market is anticipated to grow at a significant CAGR from 2021 to 2030. This demand is due to its numerous advantages such as gas barrier performance, high solvent resistance, printability, and heat-sealing property.

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