Stock selection software is used by roughly 1/3 of all investors today because it removes emotions and guesswork from trading, gives you an exit strategy, and every move you make is the product of analytically examined market behavior. Not every program is the same or as good as the next, however, so here are some things to keep in mind to walk away with the best of the best when it comes to getting stock selection software to help you trade smarter and more effectively.

First off, you should absolutely make sure it has a money back guarantee with it. This is evidence that the publisher stands by their stock selection software enough to guarantee your satisfaction with the price in full. Additionally, this enables you to get a few picks risk and commitment free and the best publishers in my experience have always encouraged that I try their program firsthand in this way.

Secondly, make sure the stock selection software focuses on penny stocks or more established in price stocks. There is a world of difference between anticipating the behavior of a cheaper more volatile stock which takes less influence to affect its price as opposed to a more static greater priced stock. It doesn’t matter which you go with, but again make sure it focuses on one or the other.

Also, stay away from the free stock selection software options as these are typically pump and dump schemes in which one person randomly selects a stock, invests in it heavily themselves, then declares it to be the best kept secret to anyone who will listen in order to drive up its volume price. After all this, they get out with a huge profit in that time. The guarantee will take care of the imitators and scams out there.

By Olivia

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