Pleated shades also come with several applications you can purchase shade net for arches, trapezoids, skylights, angles, circles, glass doors, and French doors. Shades also offer different levels of privacy to ensure your home is secure and cannot be seen from the outside. Another feature is that you can purchase shades that control the natural light that flows through your room. This is perfect for setting the environment and emphasizing the colors and design of your room through natural sunlight. Several of the manufacturers offer combinations of privacy and environmental control for your selection.

Other features you may find beneficial are that fabrics are made soil and dust resistant which minimizes maintenance. You can also get a motorized system, which will adjust the shades for you. To me the greatest feature is the cost, for a few hundred dollars you can completely change the look and feel of your home. And with the savings you can afford to redesign your home and not worry about the costs of replacing your blinds or being stuck in the design you currently have.

Perhaps the only areas of weakness for pleated shades is climate control, the shades are not the best resource for minimizing airflow. Or depending on the type of shade you purchase at blocking out sunlight and keeping the climate at a comfortable temperature.

With that said I think it’s clear that the benefits by far outweigh the weaknesses. So if your looking for a solution to the question what is the right blind for me then you just might have found it. For the look, feel and cost pleated shades is a winning choice.


By Olivia

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